Amendment 28 Films

Amendment 28 Films is a development production company creating narrative films which call attention to the centuries-long battles for equal rights for women and racial minorities in the United States and globally. A majority of the films’ themes center on the resilience and perseverance women and men have developed in the face of injustice and systemic gender and racial biases that have been prevalent for centuries.

Where did the name Amendment 28 Films come from?


Zel Anders founded Amendment 28 Films and named it such to call out the fact that women have yet to be protected by the U.S. Constitution and should the ERA finally be made into law, it would become the 28th amendment to the U.A. Constitution.

The battle to have women included in the U.S. Constitution began 246 years ago in March of 1776 when Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her husband John Adams and asked him to include women in the constitutional documents being developed at the time to establish the United States of America. Women were not included in the U.S. Constitution and still are not fully included in the U.S. Constitution.


March 22, 2022, marked 50 years since the U.S. Congress sent the Equal Rights Amendment to the states to be ratified on March 22, 1972. This amendment to the U.S. Constitution would prohibit any discrimination based on sex.


As often is pointed out in the media, on January 27, 2022, the ERA met the constitutional requirements to be added to the Constitution – after being ratified by 38 states, passed by a majority of Congress, and after following the two-year waiting period after Virginia became the 38th state to ratify it. 


Opponents claim the ERA should not be added to the U.S. Constitution because of procedural questions. Gender justice advocates are asking Congress to remove the deadline that opponents are using to stall passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Advocates within Congress and throughout the United States are also asking U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to withdraw the Trump administration memorandum that blocked the language of the ERA from officially being added to the U.S. Constitution as the 28th Amendment. 


So, 246 years after Abigail Adams wrote her letter to her husband John Adams, and 99 years after the ERA was first introduced to Congress, and 50 years after the ERA was ratified on March 22, 1972, U.S. women still do not have equal rights protections within the U.S. Constitution and the ERA has not become Amendment 28 to the U.S. Constitution.


Much as Spike Lee named his production company, 40 Acres and a Mule as an educational statement, Zel Anders named her company Amendment 28 Films to call out the fact women have yet to be protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Film Projects in Development




PROJECT TYPE:  Short Dramatic Film 

LOGLINE:  In this tongue-in-cheek short film with a serious point, an all-star ensemble of women and men enact and discuss Judy Brady’s legendary feminist satire essay, I WANT A WIFE, with the ultimate questions becoming WHO WOULDN’T WANT A WIFE—someone to iron your clothes, cook your meals, care for your children, shop for the groceries, manage the house, and support you—AND shouldn’t these tasks be shared in any marriage?



PROJECT TYPE:  Feature-Length Dramatic Historical Film based on the biography, Juana Briones of 19th Century California by Jeanne Farr McDonnell.

LOGLINE:  In order to support and protect her eight children, Juana Briones, an undaunted and illiterate medicine woman, leaves her alcoholic physically abusive husband to become an entrepreneur in 19th century California as it transitions from control by Spain, to Mexico and then to the United States.



PROJECT TYPE:  An 8-part Limited Series based on the biography, A Warrior of the People by Joe Starita.

LOGLINE:  The true story of how Susan La Flesche overcame racial and gender inequality to become the United States’ first indigenous doctor in 1889 and how she dedicated her life to caring for her community—the Omaha Tribe.



PROJECT TYPE:  Documentary Short – 20 to 30 minutes 

LOGLINE:  A brief look at the requirements to be President of democratic and socialist countries around the world and a brief discussion of what changes people think should be made to presidential requirements to be President of the United States.



PROJECT TYPE:  Feature-Length Dramatic Film 

LOGLINE:  An aging painter and her diverse group of friends mentor a diverse group of teens about life lessons.


TITLE:  THE LONG RELAY RACE: Breaking Invisible Barriers to Gender Equity in the United States


PROJECT TYPE:  A 28-part Dramatic Series

LOGLINE:  A 28-part dramatic series to teach teens and young adults about the long relay race for gender equity in the United States and the fact that women are still not included in the U.S. Constitution.




PROJECT TYPE:  Narrative Short 

LOGLINE:  This will be the first or second episode in the limited series 28 Moments in US Women’s history and contrasts the experience of poet Anne Bradstreet in 1650 to that of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez 370 years later in 2020.